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Sylvatica Woodland Products
The location of our small rural enterprise is at the ancient woodland called Gorsehill Wood in the Alkham Valley near Dover in Kent. The woodland is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and is part of the Alkham, Lydden and Swingfield SSSI. It is owned and managed by Tim and Nina Dougall.

View around Gorsehill Wood

Our objectives are to enhance the woods conservation value by careful management. A twenty-five year management plan has been drawn up with help from Natural England and the Forestry Commission. This will involve coppicing some areas opening up new rides, creating glades and managing other areas as high forest.
Why Sylvatica? Sylvatica is a botanical name meaning ‘growing in the wood’. It is often used in the Latin binomial name of plant species that grow in woods e.g. Carex sylvatica (wood sedge), Luzula sylvatica (greater wood rush) Brachypodium sylvatica (wood tor grass), Fagus sylvatica (beech), Stachis sylvatica (hedge woundwort), Pedicularis sylvatica (lousewort) and many more.
Many of Britain’s woodlands have become neglected but they offer a fantastic and under-used resource for recreation or as we are doing, the harvesting of simple usable products from a renewable and truly sustainable source.
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