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Charcoal burn at Gorsehill Wood

Charcoal Making
Weekend Course
Charcoal burn
at Gorsehill Wood
Bluebell Ride
with Ruth King
updated moth list
by David Gardner

June 2009

We carried out our first charcoal burn that turned out to be a great success and great fun too. The weather for the weekend was perfect, nice and warm with very little wind. The homemade kiln worked perfectly despite some pretty dodgy welds.
Grateful thanks to Andy Ball, Paul Holt, Dewi Thomas-Friend, Rob and Debbie Philpot, Ken Saunders and Grant Hainsworth for their hard work and entertaining company.

Timber stacked ready for splitting

Loading the kiln

The fire takes hold

Sealing up the cracks with wet sand

The burn progresses steadily through the night

After cooling, the kiln is opened

The charcoal ready for bagging up